Collaborate With Us

In today’s socio economic landscape, we still have so much to do.

We have just begun our journey to becoming an organisation that achieves significant impact through innovative programmes.

We have agreed a new vision and mission and are in the process of creating a new brand and a more robust staffing structure.

One hundred and twenty years on from the Peel’s inception and the socio-economic composition of Clerkenwell has changed dramatically. The ‘inner city’, synonymous with problems in the past, now has a new generation of affluent and educated workers moving into these previously blighted neighbourhoods. Between 2001 and 2011, the number of affluent professionals living in the neighbourhood increased by 50%; however, due to the preservation of council housing, the number of people on modest and low incomes has remained stable. Pressing needs within Clerkenwell include high rates of children (41%) growing up in poverty, adults diagnosed with mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression and older people suffering from loneliness and isolation.

A report from Islington Giving summarised the situation for Islington as a whole:

“Although people of very different means live on the same streets in Islington, they live very different lives. Higher and lower income groups rarely mix in Islington: they shop in different places, socialise in different ways and send their children to different schools. Although this doesn’t always lead to bad will or manifest tensions, it diminishes opportunities for social understanding and makes it harder to foster a shared sense of community”.

At The Peel we are very interested in hearing from any organisations, either local to us or London wide, who have an idea for projects or activities and would like to collaborate with us. Do you have a successful way of  joining up the different parts of your community for mutual benefit? Have you got an idea for getting neighbours together for fun and friendships? Can you offer opportunities for The Peel’s members, young or old?

If you think your activity or project chimes with our vision of building a more connected Clerkenwell, please get in contact with CEO Tom Neumark on or 020 7837 6082.