Connecting Clerkenwell

Connecting Clerkenwell

What is Connecting Clerkenwell?

Connecting Clerkenwell is a project aiming to improve community cohesion and wellbeing in Clerkenwell. We want to work with people who live and work in Clerkenwell to make it a thriving neighbourhood where it’s diversity is celebrated, there is mixing between different groups, and everyone feels that they belong. We want to put Clerkenwell on the map and celebrate it’s richness, with it’s world class institutions such as City University, Sadlers Wells, and it’s renowned restaurants and cafes on Exmouth Market.

We aim to develop a trailblazing community cohesion model; one that will benefit all residents by breaking down the barriers to active participation in the life of the community. By connecting local people, businesses, and institutions, we hope to enable people in Clerkenwell to take action and spark new ideas for tackling the key challenges they face.

Why Connect Clerkenwell?

  • Feelings of belonging to a place, and being connected to those around has declined. Social isolation has given rise to anxiety, loneliness, and declining social mobility.

  • We are living in a tough and turbulent times. Connecting Clerkenwell aims to bring people together to improve the quality of life and opportunities in their community at a time of pressing social, economic, and political challenges that affect everyone.

  • Research that we conducted in Clerkenwell shows that the ‘mixedness’ of the area is being lost. ‘Gentrification’ and ‘regeneration’ have become, for some, bywords for displacement and disempowerment. How do we build on the prosperity of the neighbourhood in a way that everyone can enjoy.

How do we do this?

The Connecting Clerkenwell project works with communities and social innovators to help reduce social isolation and improve community cohesion.

Community work

  • We believe that people in communities are the experts on their own lives. We are listening to people in Clerkenwell to understand their shared experiences and establish shared narratives for a better future. This approach encourages grassroots solutions and build on local skills and knowledge.

  • We are supporting people to take leadership roles within the community so that local people can create their own solutions to improve their community. We are offering micro grants and enabling dialogue between local people, businesses, institutions, to people with a great idea around bringing the community together to help get it off the ground.

Get involved

Grant Criteria

The Peel is looking for projects led by local residents creating their own solutions to improving the Clerkenwell community. You can apply for up to £800 for a project. We will also help connect you to local organisations and businesses that can offer things like space, people, and time to get your initiative off the ground.

Once you have submitted your initial application, our Programme Officer Sara Bloch will get in touch with you to arrange an informal consultation to discuss your initiative idea in more depth, and understand what other resources could be helpful. Please feel free to get in touch with Sara at any point to discuss your application.


Tel: 07949 154 297

Initiatives must:

  1. Improve social cohesion in Clerkenwell/ tackle social isolation in Clerkenwell

  2. Help people feel part of a wider community or connect existing communities that don’t already come together

  3. Encourage mixing of people in Clerkenwell from different socio economic backgrounds and neighbourhoods within Clerkenwell and enable them to form connections with each other

Who can apply?

Grants are open to both individuals and organisations. If applicants are not an organisation, an individual must be nominated as accountable for the spend of the grant and running of the programme.  If applying from an organisation, associated governing body numbers must be provided.

How to apply

To apply, click here