We love Clerkenwell

We at the Peel love Clerkenwell (or whatever you choose to call the neighbourhood we serve!). Lots of people who live and work here feel the same. Most would rate the neighbourhood at least 7 out of 10. 15% say it’s a 10/10.


Why is it such a great neighbourhood to live in? A whole variety of reasons from the transport (you can take a bus to the West end, the city, Upper Street, Old Street or Waterloo), to the diversity and friendliness of people


This chart shows some of the words that people use to describe their local area:


Of course, nowhere’s perfect. Some of the common complaints include:

“People get along, but they are separate.”

“There are no real opportunities to come together.”

“People just keep themselves to themselves…More could be done to support people mixing.”

“There is some mixing. You see it a little, but only a little.”

“The area is fractured – between workers, students, old people etc.”

We don't want to exaggerate the situation. 75% of residents agree that Clerkenwell is a place where people from different backgrounds get along


But this sounds a lot less impressive when you realise that 92% of Islington residents agree their local area is a place where people from different backgrounds get on well together. 

What do you like about Clerkenwell and is there anything you'd like to improve?